Daily Hoppiness: October 23, 2017, Feeling Brave

Daily Hoppiness: Feeling Brave

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Sometimes Scout gets really nervous and afraid, especially if he has to do something he has never done before.

The last time this happened, it was because his family had to move and he was going to have to be the new bunny at a new school and the school year had already started!
Poor Scout was so nervous. He was crying and had a tummy ache; he couldn’t eat his dinner and he just couldn’t stop worrying about it. Finally, it got so bad that his mother had to call the Easter Bunny!

And do you know what that Easter Bunny said to Scout? He said, “Oh sweet Scout, it’s ok to be nervous. Everybunny gets nervous, especially when they have to do something new or scary. But being nervous only means that you have the opportunity to do something really, really Brave.”

This made Scout feel a little bit better because he knew that he was a pretty brave bunny. He also knew that the only way he had gotten to be a pretty brave bunny was by doing things that made him feel brave before like his presentation for the class on mixing colors for Easter Eggs and hopping in the annual bunny hopping for heart contest.

So, what Scout and the Easter Bunny decided was that Scout and his parents should find as many situations for him to practice feeling brave as they could before he moved so that he would feel even braver still. That way Scout could feel super brave by the time he had to go to his new school.

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Perhaps Hoppiness Is Found by Finding Ways to Feel Brave.

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