Daily Hoppiness: October 11, 2017, Human Achievement and Kindness

Daily Hoppiness: Human Achievement and Kindness

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It would seem to a bunny that humans are pretty clever.

Humans are great at really difficult things like math and science. They can build spacecraft and supercomputers; they can sequence DNA and prevent diseases; they can collaborate and share knowledge to build a Large Hadron Collider 100 meters below ground to accelerate protons and ions at a velocity approaching the speed of light.
Humans are really good at a lot of things. But somehow many of them seem to get lost on the basics.

It would seem to a bunny that kindness is not more difficult than calculus or physics. It would seem to a bunny that sharing is not more difficult than open heart surgery.

It would seem to a bunny that humans don’t really need any more big ideas. It would seem to a bunny that humans need to work on developing the smaller ones.

Do you try to practice kindness in your daily life?

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Perhaps Hoppiness Is Found in Just Being Kind.

Title The Bunny in the Bush

The Daily Hoppiness portion of our blog is compiled by Bunny Scout 5078361. Bunny Scout 5078361 has a Masters Degree in Bunny Literature as well as a PhD in both Bunny Philosophy and Bunny Happiness. She has also been a scout for Amanda and Eliza in Connecticut and Writes for TheHoppingtonPost.
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