Daily Hoppiness: October 13, 2017, The Origin is Love

Daily Hoppiness: The Origin Is Love

 bunny as captain at sea

It would seem to a bunny that if the starting point was love and security as opposed to fear and self-righteousness, the world would be a far more peaceful place.

Perhaps the way is found in looking for the inherent goodness and creativity in others and in the world around you.
You see, what the Easter Bunny teaches us is that the more you give, the more the magic grows, for the world is plentiful, fertile and prolific if nature is allowed to run its course.
A rose under the sidewalk will find its way to the light and the springtime will always return.

Do you believe there is enough creative potential in the world for everybunny to live peacefully?

Carrots Illustration

Perhaps Hoppiness Is Found in Knowing that the Origin is a Place of Love and Plenty.

Title The Bunny in the Bush

The Daily Hoppiness portion of our blog is compiled by Bunny Scout 5078361. Bunny Scout 5078361 has a Masters Degree in Bunny Literature as well as a PhD in both Bunny Philosophy and Bunny Happiness. She has also been a scout for Amanda and Eliza in Connecticut and Writes for TheHoppingtonPost.
The Bunny in the Bush is an Easter Story for Children that combines the origins of the Easter Bunny with a fun new Family Tradition that teaches values and encourages independent and creative thinking as you prepare to celebrate the Easter season!

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