Daily Hoppiness: October 16, 2017, You Can Only Control Your Own Thoughts and Actions

Daily Hoppiness: You Can Only Control Your Own Thoughts and Actions

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Earlier today Scout got his feelings hurt because somebunny made fun of his idea and that is when the Easter Bunny explained why it is a mistake to worry what other bunnies think.

This is not only because the thoughts and reactions of others are completely out of your control, but also because most often others really aren’t thinking of you at all. When somebunny makes fun of somebunny else, they are not concerned with how the other bunny feels at all. They are merely concerned with themselves and whatever it is that is causing their own behavior.
You see, like people, most bunnies are caught up in what is happening in their own lives; they are engaged in their own screenplay, their own wants and needs. You might have a cameo appearance here or there, but they are their own main character and the plot is theirs alone.

This is why grownups sometimes say, “It’s about them, not about you.”

A bunny must remember that one will never have the power to control anything outside of their own thoughts and actions. It is only by tending to one’s own little section of the thicket, being true to oneself and doing the next right thing, that one can find hoppiness.

Do you ever forget that the only thing you can control is your own actions?

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Perhaps Hoppiness Is Found in Knowing that You Can Only Control You.

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