Daily Hoppiness: October 18, 2017, Perfection

Daily Hoppiness: Perfection

 Blue bunny overlooking snowy vista

Did you know that you are perfect?

It has been said among humans that nobody is perfect. But, to a bunny, this makes no sense at all.
For, what does perfect even mean anyway? The dictionary says perfect means complete and free of faults or defects. But yet, everybunny is complete; everybunny automatically has everything they will ever need right in their little hearts. They were born that way, complete and perfect.

So, perhaps it would be better said that “Everybody is different and everybody is perfect. Everybody is born complete and perfectly amazing.

You see, the differences between bunnies (or humans) aren’t imperfections. They are the unique qualities that define their own perfection. What is important to remember is that difference is good; difference is what makes the world beautiful. No two snowflakes are the same, but yet all snowflakes are beautiful and all snowflakes are perfect.

What would it be like if snowflakes were afraid to be their own unique shape?

Carrots Illustration

Perhaps Hoppiness Is Found in Being Your Own Snowflake.

Title The Bunny in the Bush

The Daily Hoppiness portion of our blog is compiled by Bunny Scout 5078361. Bunny Scout 5078361 has a Masters Degree in Bunny Literature as well as a PhD in both Bunny Philosophy and Bunny Happiness. She has also been a scout for Amanda and Eliza in Connecticut and Writes for TheHoppingtonPost.
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