Daily Hoppiness: September 16, 2017

Daily Hoppiness

 Bunny in sea grass at beach

“Oh Dear. I do hope this is the right way,” Scout thought as he hopped along for he was quite worried he had made a mistake in venturing out through the tall grasses.

“But it does take great courage to go on an adventure. This, I do know, is true,” he mused while bounding over a fantastic yellow flower.
“Besides, I suppose a wrong turn could serve an important purpose after all. Why, a wrong turn could lead me where I might not have ever gone. And then I could find myself somewhere entirely new!”

All of this thinking was getting quite thoughtful for such a young Bunny but at least now Scout was sure that he was on his way.

Carrots Illustration 

Perhaps Hoppiness Is Found in Realizing There Is No One Right Way to Much of Anything at All.

Title The Bunny in the Bush

The Daily Hoppiness portion of our blog is compiled by Bunny Scout 5078361. Bunny Scout 5078361 has a Masters Degree in Bunny Literature as well as a PhD in both Bunny Philosophy and Bunny Happiness. She has also been a scout for Amanda and Eliza in Connecticut and Writes for TheHoppingtonPost.
The Bunny in the Bush is an Easter Story for Children that combines the origins of the Easter Bunny with a fun new Family Tradition that teaches values and encourages independent and creative thinking as you prepare to celebrate the Easter season!

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