What is The Bunny in the Bush?

The Bunny in the Bush is an Easter story and tradition. It consists of the three chapter book which helps unravel the mystery of the Easter Bunny while also adding two fun activities for your family to enjoy during the Easter Season. The box set includes a delightfully illustrated book and an adorable plush Bunny Scout.

What is the Easter Bunny?

Well, everyone knows that the Easter Bunny is a rabbit that brings eggs to all the world’s children. But you have to read the book to find out just how this mythical mammal came to be!

What is a Bunny Scout?

A Bunny Scout is a special little Bunny that comes to your home the month before Easter in order to help the Easter Bunny figure out which children have done their best to be kind and helpful. This Scout watches the children as they wander about and then reports back to the Easter Bunny each night as they sleep. The only way you will know if this has happened is if, when you awake, you find that your Bunny is no longer in the same place.

What is the purpose of the nest?

The nest is to get back to basics. The point is to encourage creative thinking by reminding you and your children that they don’t need fancy toys to have fun. All it takes is a little imagination and a willingness to jump in. By repurposing common house hold items, this section of the book hopes to reinforce your child’s natural tendency towards abstract thought and creativity. Your child will be practicing the values of empathy and caring as they create a nurturing, comfortable nest for the Easter Bunny’s magical visit. At the same time, the nest offers your child the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by allowing them to choose where and how to construct the nest for this momentous occasion!

Why is the book so long?

The author felt that each part of this story was critical to the overall development of a meaningful holiday tradition. It was divided into clear chapters so that the story could be read as three separate stories that build upon themselves over the course of multiple sittings. The text to image ratio was carefully considered in order to keep children engaged whether reading from beginning to end or by chapters.

Some of the vocabulary is to advanced for my child.

This is a book that is meant to be read by the parent to the child. The text to image ratio was carefully considered in the development of the book in order to keep children engaged during reading time. Higher level vocabulary is something noticeably lacking from contemporary children’s literature. Any opportunity you have to introduce as many words to your child as possible should be considered a golden opportunity. The hope is that this will be one more tool that you can use to help encourage a lifetime love of reading, learning and creative thinking!

Is the Bunny Scout available in other colors?

At this point in time, the Bunny Scout is only available in blue. However, as the tradition grows and gains momentum, it will become more viable to offer the Bunny in other colors so check back soon!

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