Restful Sleep: Three Suggestions for Sleeping Easy (er)ish[ly]… Bunny Style

Why Do Bunnies Always Seem to Be so Well Rested You Ask?

Bunny Scout Illustration
Well, there are a number of reasons for this of course. However, we can boil it down to a few basic principles because, as you know, Bunnies like to Keep It Simple and Live Easy.

And so, the three most critical suggestions for Bunny Restfulness are Eat Well, Exercise, and, when all else fails, Count!


Now don’t just roll your eyes and click away. We have some clever things to say about this and some Fresh New Insights as well!

See, we Bunnies know that, as Humans, you might not be thrilled to read on seeing as most Humans find Eating Well=difficult, Exercise=cumbersome, and Counting=well, that’s just silly! But again, it doesn’t really HAVE to be difficult at all. And here is how.

Carrots IllustrationIn regards to food, Bunnies eat things in their most natural state. ie, carrots straight out of the ground! Yum! Humans, on the other hand, fuss a great deal with food, processing, packaging, preserving, preparing…

So, if you can simply remember that food is best and best for you when consumed as close to its natural state as possible, you will find that you are, in fact, Eating Well with little effort at all. The more one messes with food, the less nutritious (and delicious) said food becomes.

Fresh is Best. This keeps Bunny bodies and minds clear and heathy.

Bunny Scouts

Bunnies also believe that we have bodies in order to use them. [This is the part about Exercise!]

Bunny Running

Bunnies have legs so that they can hop. And Hop We Do!

In fact, we quite enjoy it. Bunnies hop a great deal for the pure joy of hopping itself. But there are also times Bunnies must hop. We have to hop to get food. We have to hop to get water…

We have to hop EXTREMELY QUICKLY to get away from snakes and hawks and all kinds of scary predators!

Bunnies also have to use our little Bunny paws to burrow and build little Bunny homes for our Fluffles. And in all of this, we use our bodies! NO TRACTORS. NO GUNS. NO CARS. Just our cute, strong, little bodies!

How inefficient you say! And to that we say, who has an obesity epidemic? Certainly Not Bunnies!

Carrots Illustration

Now, here I must digress momentarily to point out that this might be one of the ways in which Humans have gone awry.

You see, yes, the Industrial Revolution was amazing. And, yes, this new Technological Age is, indeed, fascinating as well… However, what you may have failed to notice in all of your rush to advance is that…

Bunny in Carrot Bush Life is still Life, Food still comes from the Earth, and your Body is still the same Human Body with the same Human Body requirements with which it has evolved over Millennia!

All those years of survival of the fittest, and hunting and gathering have resulted in a unique and vital species similar in many ways to the native Bunny with a physical body that works best when it is worked!

Only now, SUDDENLY, food is processed and bodies lay on sofas and ride in cars! Not sure if you see where I am going with this. But, well, these advancements have resulted in the loss of the pure joy of physical exertion, from the pleasure of eating fruit straight from the tree.

You have lost your connection to the very essence of Being itself!

Bunny with Horse and Flamingo

You say that things are “easier” and more “convenient”. But are they really? And at what cost?

A wise Bunny once said…. Life is not for Creating Shelter as much as It is for Playing in the Rain, for Splashing in the Puddles…

You see, as Bunnies, when we live out our days in the here and now of our physical existence, we tend to hop around playfully, doing what needs to be done and generally enjoying our lives. And, therefore, our little Bunny bodies are happy and healthy and naturally ease into a nice, restful sleep.

Perhaps you Humans might consider making a few adjustments. Maybe Mandatory Manual Labor Mondays, where everyone, regardless of societal position pitches in, using physical labor to repair a road or build a school or even to work in a community garden! There are so many ways to re-engage with Life. You Humans are clever! And we do hope you will come up with something only because, well, you are missing out on so much!

We only offer this as a suggestion because it inherently encompasses some of the most effective Bunny value building techniques available such as teamwork and collaboration and can result in abundant secondary benefits beyond physical exertion!

When Bunnies (or Humans) of different backgrounds and with different skill sets work together towards a common goal, the group must practice essential Bunny skills including respect, communication, problem solving, empathy, understanding… in order to be successful. Again, just a suggestion!

Bunny Scouts

Now what about when one is having difficulty falling asleep?

Bunny in Nest

This does happen from time to time. Perhaps a parent Bunny is worried about a little one. Or a little one is overtired and is resisting sleep…

When this happens, we have a lovely go to method that a wise Bunny Elder came up with Eons ago.

This particular method has played a insurmountable role in maintaining yet another one of Bunnydom’s Principle Suggestions: an Attitude of Gratitude!


Being Grateful goes father than one might think when it comes to maintaining happy, healthy fluffles. It helps us reflect back on what is Truly Important! (Being Kind, and Doing the Next Right Thing, for example…)

So what is this method of inducing sleep, you ask? Well, it is related to the Human method of counting sheep which is a clever idea, mind you, but does little other than maintaining a relaxed physical state while keeping the mind from focusing on other perhaps more worrisome issues. In essence, it’s kinda boring!

Bunny Sleepover with Flamingo

The Bunny method, on the other hand, involves counting smiles.

See, why count sheep when you can count smiles! In this process, one focuses on all the Bunnies who have touched one’s life in a positive way and then returns the smile.

One begins with the present day, recalling only the pleasant experiences and the Bunnies involved. The act of returning the smile is critical as this is the part that reinforces the sense of wellbeing and gratitude essential to the positive balance of Bunny Culture. 


As one eases into it, one finds oneself more and more relaxed and more and more grateful for the goodness that surrounds you.

See, really, there are only 2 jobs in life. The first is to enjoy it. The second is to leave it a slightly better place than you found it. And this is best accomplished by focusing on the little things. See, small things quickly add up. And this is how one small Bunny can change the world. It is also how a tired Bunny can get some rest!


Bunny Scout 4775 has Degrees in both Bunny Anatomy and Physiology and Bunny Sleep Sciences. She is a scout for Katie in Florida and also works as a Sleep Researcher for The Bunny Sleep Institute.
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    Make sure to get enough sleep.

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